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Today, Modern Dining Tables show you the most amazing Room Trends to inspire you! The start of a new year is the perfect time for a complete Home Decor renovation! Designed by the most exclusive luxury furniture brands, including Boca do Lobo, this room features several luxurious contemporary designs that will inspire you to create the most incredible looks for all of your home ambience.

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Starting with entryways and hallways, the first impression of every home, passing for the living and dining rooms, the spaces of excellence for great moments with friends and family, mandatory stops at kitchensoffices and libraries, and finishing with the best bathroomsmaster bedroomskids’ bedrooms and outdoor spaces for resting time, here you will find the best Home Decor ideas for every design lover! The biggest trends for 2023Black and gold decors and bold colours, not just on the furniture, but also on the walls and floors; vintage looksstatement marble stones and green veiningmetal finishesnaturally inspiring interiorswhitewash Mediterranean style, and pastel colours for kids and so much more! These and so much more are what you can find in this Room Trends Ebook, with the best Home Decor ideas that every design enthusiast will love.


The Entryways and Hallways are the first impressions of every home, so these spaces need to look stylish. So, prepare yourself to give a new look to your home this new year with these contemporary designs: black and gold are the colours of the year and this combination always gives an elegant and classy look. Combine with vintage details and you be able to create to yourself an entryway or hallway with high decor.


Let’s dive into the most incredible living room design ideas. From contemporary design inspirations to vintage ideas, bold colours, greyscale looks, soft silhouettes and nature trends, here you will find inspirations for every design lover. Room Trends will show you interior design tips you need to check like dual stools, modular furniture, layered neutrals, mixed patterns, velvet fabrics and colourful floors.


Dining Rooms are the perfect place to receive family and friends, and this next year can be the perfect opportunity to give these spaces a new look. With vintage-inspired looks, curiosity cabinets, marble luxury furniture combined with metal finishes, and also colourful floors, this next interior design inspiration will help you to give a luxurious contemporary look to your home.


When we talk about Home Decor renovation, we can’t forget to talk about Kitchen space. Marble floors are one of the biggest interior design trends and this trend can be combined with statement marble stones and wood finishes, creating ambiences with a natural ultimate look without forgetting to create a design full of glamour as you can see here.


Did you love books or need a home office space at your home? Or maybe both? You are in the right place to get the best inspiration with this Room Trends Ebook. From a contemporary modern design to a vintage and mid-century modern look, you get to see incredible metal details and gorgeous sets.


Inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, you wouldn’t be indifferent to the contemporary inspirations of modern Bedrooms and Closet inspirations. These spaces combine bold colours, mixed patterns, super-size headboards and iconic architectural designs. You will be ready to create your own luxurious and stylish resting space.