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Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Dining Room in 2023

Dining rooms are almost like the hidden gems of the home but that is about to end in 2020 – the year that will bring the recognition dining rooms deserve. The idea here is to make it more versatile and, at the same time, bring it closer to your own personal taste. Interior design is all about a powerful desire to go beyond standard aesthetics, to shape new languages, to create new stories and to find yourself in the center of it all. Discover this amazing design trends to spice up your 2023!

Tropical Themes

When we think about Tropical Themes, what comes to our minds automatically is exoticism, color and vibrancy. Spring just arrived, so these are great choices to make your home decor more lively and cheerful. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Mellow Color Metallics

Mellow Color Metallics represent a certain glamorous feeling that leads into something distinctive, stylish and powerful. Adding a simple touch of golden glimmering metal can make a space infinitely and instantly more interesting. You know some design trends are meant to be revolutionary.

Classic Blue

For over 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including interior design. Blue is synonymous with depth, wisdom, trust. This time, they made it classic in order to transform your home in the trendiest way. Here’s Classic Blue.

Eclectic Clutter

Limitless expression and different styles combined in harmony define the Eclectic Clutter concept, where a little splash of color, textures that create a level of visual intricacy and statement pieces do the rest of the magic. The idea is to break the rules… in great style.

Cantaloupe Tones

Cantaloupe Tones play into the continuing appeal of typically feminine colors that can cross over into other categories. It’s like a youthful orange that carries all that naivety and purity, transforming those attributes into whimsical interior landscapes. Smooth and fancy in equal doses, Cantaloupe Tones will surely make your home decor a dream-like setting.


Well, Neutrals are a trend every time but, still, there is something about it that makes us come back over and over again. Versatile, light and elegant, Neutrals are often associated with serene settings. Mix it with vivid colors and you’ll get a balanced, striking result.

Animal Prints

Animal Prints are all about the power of textures. Look out for the neutral ones so you can mix it with other bold patterns, like stripes, for an unexpected effect. From cowhide rugs to leopard-skin pillows, there’s plenty of choices for you to expand your home decor look!