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Exclusive Dining Room Design Trends By Boca Do Lobo

Today, Modern Dining Tables brings you 25 exclusive decor ideas to achieve a luxurious and trendy dining room design. Your exclusive dining room is one of the most relevant rooms when it comes to interior design due to its purpose for entertainment. Enjoy our selection of 25 decor ideas for your Luxury Dining Room Design!

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Nº11 by Boca do Lobo

This exclusive chair is a statement piece that will create a glamorous experience and memorable moments in your dining room. Inspired by some key figures of the surrealist movement, Nº11 features a large arched back rail held in place by inert spindles dripping upward from the solid metal apron.

Fortuna by BOCA DO LOBO

Fortuna is a contemporary dining table with an exclusive design. A sense of fun and frivolity permeates this dining table but this piece of luxury is still sophisticated and necessary for your dining room. An excellent choice of exclusive dining table for your contemporary home

Pantheon Rug by Boca do Lobo

We have also selected this luxury rug for those who are enchanted by Italy. It was inspired by the Roman Pantheon. This is an authentic piece of art that would look great in any home decor and enhance the interior of your contemporary design.

SOLEIL by Boca do Lobo

Aiming to evoke, provoke and evoke, Soleil is a synthesis of styles and senses. This exclusive chair is available in a variety of sizes and colors to look perfect in your dining area.

Newton by BOCA DO LOBO

Modern dining tables have to be irreverent, chic, and luxurious and bring personality to any dining room and the perfect example is present in this amazing piece by Boca do Lobo. Built from brass spheres, joint to produce an outstanding pattern and structure, finished in black lacquer and gold plated.

Sistine Rug by Boca do Lobo

When it comes to art, the paintings on the Sistine Chapel are an undeniable reference. And that was the inspiration for Boca do Lobo in creating this luxury rug!

EMPORIUM FUR by Boca do Lobo

This exclusive chair offers a sense of fun and frivolity to any dining room due to its sophistication, thought-provoking, and handcrafted features. Perfect for every home decor!


This wonderful design balances modern lines with timeless lines, perfectly defining the concept of modern dining tables. This piece promises to elevate your home decor to the next level… The ultimate exclusive dining table.

Poseidon Rug by Boca do Lobo

Poseidon is an allusion to the god of the seas, also known in Greek mythology for creating the first horse, Pegasus. It is the perfect choice for the boldest environments, always with a luxurious style, characteristic of Boca do Lobo designs.

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