5 Astonishing Dining Room Decor Ideas

Sometimes you just need to do small design changes in your dining room to create an exceptional difference in its environment. These new dining room decor ideas will allow you to achieve an elegant and unique style to one of the most important spaces of your home.

5 astonishing dining room decor ideas

With that in mind, today, we will provide you with 5 astonishing ways to refresh your dining room decoration, mainly based on the adoption of craft techniques.

To use craftsmanship work in this contemporary design worldmeans emphasizing which is different, singular and emotional at the same time.

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1.Change the type of your dining table:

The design of your dining table completely makes the difference in the style of your dining room. The size, the shapes and the material elements used will completely change the effect that each dining table will have in a dining room. 

You will find a vast offer of modern dining tables: the ones very representative of scandinave style and the ones made with gold marble, wood or glass, for example. Below you will find some luxury suggestions.

5 astonishing dining room decor ideas

This modern dining table, with a drop-shaped base and a marble texture, has an organic design. Table Aqua, designed by Fabrice Berrux, has definitely a very natural and elegant design.

5 astonishing dining room decor ideas

The hand painted tiles reflect a tradition with hundreds of years. The drawing is made on paper with a graffiti pen and stamped with a coal pencil. It’s a water-based paint, but it cannot be too watery and too strong. It’s a very meticulous process, that brings an astonishing combination between tradition and modern design to your dining table

With solid wood and fine cuts, Odessa dining table designed by Mauro Lipparini is a very representative example of modern dining tables.  

2. Lighting focus

Playing with natural and artificial light confers a unique style to any dining room decoration. The fine art of using Swarovski crystals carefully handed in the chandeliers is very used by Luxxu, as you can see below with  Mcqueen Globe.

Besides the chandelier, it’s always very elegant and minimalist to have a floor lamp at the corner of any dining room. With a structure handmade in brass and gold plated, Matheny, from Delightfull, fits perfectly into a modern interior design.

The Postkrisi F100 is also a sophisticated choice of floor lamp designed by Enzo Catellani. This exceptional piece of decor is made by molded fiberglass.

3. Increase functionality

Your dining room decor ideas should always take into consideration the focus on functionality. In a dining room set, a sideboard is a must-have. With that in mind, we present you below some elegant suggestions to storage everything you may need.

4. Choose unique chairs

As dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, it’s very important to choose a comfortable and elegant chair. In order to do the best option, we need to consider the comfort, the materials and finishes used, the type of dining room we are decorating and the mix and matching in a open floor plan.

That being said, below you will find some suggestions taking into account different styles of dining room décor.

5. Use a modern rug

An entirely handmade rug, crafted by weavers, speaks for itself and definitely guarantees the uniqueness of your dining room design. This rug designed by Kelly Wearstler confers an eclectic and more futuristic style to the contemporary interior design of any home.

Despite the contemporary design, this rug keeps the tradition and the handcrafted art, ensuring quality and durability.

As you can see, there are many different dining room decor ideas you can implement that completely change the ambience of your dining room. 

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