5 Tips For Elegantly Utilizing Your Dining Chairs

For a small or a big dining room, interior designers have thrown out the convention of matchy-matchy dining chairs in favor of an aesthetic where anything goes. For those who dare the bold aesthetics or for a more laid-back approach, vintage details can feel quite unified when gathered together around a well-refined table. As expected though, to mix and match successfully, there are some rules to play by.

Marry the bench with the chairs

Combining a variety of seating options can be both aesthetically pleasing and downright practical. Especially in a small space, combining the bench seating, with a few pillows and dining chairs in harmonious colour combinations, will definitely provide you with a cosy, beautiful dining room.

Dare to combine different fabrics

Dining chairs are a great way to connect the dots between colors. At the dining table, the fabrics shouldn’t come out of the blue, they should act as elements to further unify the room’s design.

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Vary the height and style

In order to create a space that provides visual stimulation in every view, nothing is to be the same or in matching sets. Therefore, to keep all the chairs visually linked and the dining room harmonically designed, it is advisable to choose one type of fabric or material in different styles.

Embrace glamorous gold hues

Handsomely crafted from solid brass, this modern chair combines an avant-garde approach with classic and emblematic lines. Nº 11 Dining Chair also features remarkable craftsmanship and embodies complex metalwork techniques from which Portuguese artisans built their reputation throughout the years.

Free the space

When mixing chairs, by contrasting the high chair with the low stool, you allow the space “to breathe, with just the right amount of white space to make it feel open and inviting.”

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