The Best Outdoor Modern Dining Tables for Summer

Summer is the most leisurely, carefree time of the year and people want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Here are then, some of the best outdoor modern dining tables to decorate your garder or balcony and welcome this lovely season.

Boca do Lobo – Bonsai

The true beauty and joy behind the idea of bonsai is found in trying and attempting to perfect the craft. As a consequence, inspired by this fine art and the relentless effort to perfection, Boca do Lobo came up with the Bonsai Dining Table project.

Minotti – Catlin

Distinctive to the Catlin dining table is the deliberately uncomplicated design. The bright Gold finish fits perfectly to a luminous garden and someone could enjoy a great dinner on this piece of art at a grand balcony.

Moroso – Countach

The outstanding color combination of Countach, along with its irregular base, creates a modern furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Boca do Lobo – Royal Dining Table

The Royal is a real step forward for Boca do Lobo. Baroque meets clean lines, while reflecting Boca do Lobo’s philosophy of challenging the past through the future. An absolute furniture for lunch time at summertime.

Moroso – Double Table

Such great barbeques can take place on a spacious dining table like that. Great for big families and huge meals, this is it; the Double dining table from Moroso luxury brand.

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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo – Patch

Providing a sense of sophistication to a more relaxed part of the house, Patch table is the type of table that warms up any kind of flooring aesthetics, due to its flame-wise base.

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Ligne Roset – Ennea

The Ennea dining table (Ennea stands for the Greek number 9) rests on a base composed of three identical ‘rectangular’ triangles. The construction recalls the pyramidal structure of a crystal, both light and robust. Here, it is all about balance and tension, more than a static design.

Muuto – Split Table

With its distinctive split-legs design, this piece can be integrated into any given setting, with its oak body infusing the space with warmth, illustrating the luminous Scandinavian design. A garden would always be its most favourite spot, though!

Ligne Roset – Odessa

Inspired by the beautiful city of Ukraine, Odessa Dining Table has a unique design that turns it into a unique outdoor luxury furniture without a great effort.

Minotti – Van Dyck

Combining sophisticated structural details with luxury finishes, Van Dyck is a table with a bold personality that can bring style and elegance to your outdoor setting, creating a harmonious essence.

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