The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2018

Each April, as New York’s Pier 94 is abuzz with activity during the AD Design Show, some design events happens just a stone’s throw away. DIFFA, the Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, enlists companies and designers to outfit a slew of dining tables to raise funds for its invaluable work to provide aid to New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. Even though this event happened few months ago already, Modern Dining Tables is here to bring you some dining sets that were just stunning with a story to tell. The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design 2018 In an effort to break from our smartphone-obsessed times, Rapt Studio devised a “device-free table,” where human connection is front and center. With black shades, people get the spotlight, elevating the sense of friendship and connection.

The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design 2018

At his table for The Rug Company, onetime DIFFA chair David Rockwell and his daughter Lola took inspiration from the process behind rug-making, interpreting the loom on a large scale to create a cocoon of warp made from rope hand-dyed in Nepal. Even though the table and the dining chairs portrays a simple and minimal design , the ambience of this dining area is unique and intimate.

The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design 2018

Students at Pratt wrangled with the “heavy weight” of an HIV diagnosis by conceiving a midair elephant, both a metaphor for significant weight and for the proverbial elephant in the room of unspoken news. This exclusive design features a futuristic look, with neon lights and modern furniture.

The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design 2018

The Gensler table created and hung 1,000 paper cranes, representing one of the 123,887 New Yorkers currently living with HIV/AIDS. Every fold is in honor of an individual and the birds as a flock are a symbol of hope and healing through a collective story of strength and perseverance.

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What would it be like to dine inside New York’s extensive subway? That’s the illusion NYSID students created at the New York Design Center’s striking table, which aims to elevate an celebrate the city’s transportation system, an overlooked landmark of everyday life.

Benjamin Moore enlisted exclusive designer Alessandra Branca to translate its color of the year—Caliente—into a tablescape. Using a lattice punctured with ogee arches, brass lanterns, and patterned fabric and tableware, Branca turned the space into an enchanting Moroccan garden, a unique dining design that took everyone’s breath away.

Wesley Moon’s table for LUXE Magazine is a sanctuary of spring colors. Coziness might be the keword when speaking about this dining area design.  Moon underscores the theme of spring with Rosenthal’s Versace Jardin des Papillons dinnerware and floral Cowtan & Tout fabric.

For its table, Crate & Barrel thought outside of the box and created a now-iconic black-and-white packaging, which refracted in graphic black-and-white patterns across the space, punctuated with pops of this year’s hot metal, chrome, and greenery for “warmth and freshness.”

The Amazing Dining Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design 2018

Donghia turned to designer Bennett Leifer to devise a lush pear garden dining room as an homage to the company’s iconic Anjou mirror, which holds pride of place behind the tablescape.

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Source: Architectural Digest