A Contemporary Twist On A Dining Table By SAYAR&GARIBEH

SAYAR&GARIBEH’s modern interpretation of a dining table brings a twist to any dining room, it’s an eye catching piece of exclusive design that you can’t miss.

Marble, pink and gold: the colors of dreams. Add an exclusive design with an unusual shape and you’ll have yourself The Jugler Table.

An exquisite piece that brings minimalism and boldness together when you tought it was an inconceivable mix.

A Contemporary Twist On A Dining Table By SAYAR&GARIBEH


A dining table is a piece that brings people together: to have dinner while talking about the most miscellaneous themes surrounded by your beloved ones, whether in harmony or dissonance, may be one of the great pleasures in life.

Imagine this scenario around the Jugler Table: you could never forget it. A deconstruction of the typical dining table, it’s shape makes room only for the necessary items, eliminating the dispensable ones.


A Contemporary Twist On A Dining Table By SAYAR&GARIBEH


Inspired by the Lebanese culture, cuisine, and traditions of Sayar and Garibeh, this furniture design makes a recall to how they value the time spent around the table sharing stories and amazing food.



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With accents in gold and pastel pink, the Jugler Table is shaped with white marble legs. This luxury design piece features ceramic bowls and plates in various sizes and heights, resembling the diversity in the designers’ Lebanese culture.


Source: Design Milk 


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