The Magnificent Story of the Nº11 Dining Chair

The magnificent story of the nº11 dining chair started in Boca do Lobo.

When the dining chair was created by a Portuguese artisan with experienced hands, her ancestor said to her: You will grow up and be famous, everyone will know you, but you will have many responsibilities while being part of a modern dining room design, and you will become the Nº11 CHAIR, the dining chair.



So the dining chair waited, and waited, she wanted someone special to take her home, she wanted to be part of a majestic room design, she wanted people to come into the dining area and the first thing she wanted them to notice was her exclusive design handsomely crafted from solid brass with a heart of gold.

Her ancestors, normal chairs without any luxury brands weren´t an avant-garde dining design like Nº11 Chair, or with classic and emblematic lines.

They were just sitting chairs, but Nº11 Chair isn´t a “just sitting” dining chair, she is part of the dining room. She is art with remarkable craftsmanship and complex techniques.

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She was carefully developed to enhance your dining experience, combining with modern dining tables in modern dining room.

One sunny afternoon, someone picked the Nº11 dining chair.

She was afraid of where she was going to, so she changed colors, from black cause she was scared, to light blue cause she was hopeful, to red because red is the color of love, and she was happy and she was going to love her new place.

The Magnificent Story of the Nº11 Dining Chair

She was afraid to go to an ugly dining room, but a princess chose her for her majestic, modern area design dining room.


And all end up just fine.

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