15 Velvet Dining Chairs for a Modern Dining Room

Article originally published on November 20, 2017.
It is said that the best memories of our lives are created around a table. Why not make those memories last longer by surrounding it with the coziest and comfortable velvet dining chairs – so you don’t ever want to get up? Let us show you its best examples in a dining room.

Take a look at these neutral colored luxury brand‘s chairs that still manage to achieve an elegant touch, matching the modern dining table.

In this dining area, the chairs add a contrast not only through their stunning color, but the strong personality the velvet adds to it.

Velvet dining chairs also work perfectly in a more casual atmosphere, as illustrated in this picture.

These incredibly sophisticated pearl-colored chairs make the dining room pop, and surely that what they make up for glam, they make up for comfort too.

These pieces go perfectly with the stunning table and dark walls, while touches of golden warm tones add craftsmanship and elegance to the chairs’ legs.

A table made from the reclaimed floorboards is the perfect match for these velvet dining chairs, upholstered in a luscious emerald green velvet.

These beautiful upholstered 40’s French dining chairs by Jackie Astier are an interesting and bold decision of color, and they work amazingly in this room design.

This contrast between the blue padding with silver lining chairs and the rustic table surely render a defying choice.

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Full of strength and determination, these dining design pieces really show how strong and sure to impress velvet can be.

This exclusive design choice and golden refined touch that contrasts with the white velvet dining chairs are sure to impress all your guests.

Check out how these dark golden-detailed velvet dining chairs are a beautiful display of luxury, contrasting its darkness with the rich gold wallpaper and table.

This brilliant dynamics between white and navy blue provides a sophisticated touch to the dining room.

Don’t these noble colors incorporate a look full of style and refinement in this room design?

velvet dining chairs

Velvet strong-colored chairs are one of the best choices to bring back to life a neutral dining room, as you can see in this picture.

Besides being neutral-colored, look at this example of how youthful and audacious a room can be with these comfy golden lined velvet dining chairs.

So, which was your favorite velvet dining chair?

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