Rethink Your Space: Multipurpose Dining Room Ideas

Rethink Your Space: Multipurpose Dining Room Ideas

Article originally published on May 5, 2017.
If you have a big dining room, you must have the same problem as many of us. This because unless you are an extraordinary dinner party host or hostess, you won’t use your dining area every day. This is a room usually used several times a year, or in some cases, several times a month. Here you can find ideas on how to turn your dining space into a Multipurpose Dining Room, so you can use this amazing area more often in your life.


For those to whom books also mean a great company, there is nothing better than a dining area with bookshelves in it. This way you can have a multipurpose dining room, as you can have great dinner parties but also have peaceful and calm moments reading your favorite book.


Everybody loves to play games, so what better than turning your dining room into a games room? Here you can see a great and very sophisticated example of how to have a multipurpose dining room: simply replace your dining table for this amazing snooker table and your fun can begin.

Royal Snooker Table by Boca do Lobo


You can also use your dining room to create your home office. Basically, you simply have to put most of the chairs away and leave only one so you can work at your office/dining table. This is very useful and it’s an easy way to have a multipurpose dining room.


A good refreshing drink at the end of the day is always a great idea. Here you can have a multipurpose dining room by using it also as a sophisticated bar. It can be useful and nobody will be indifferent.

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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo


What can be classier than a piano? This musical instrument sounds amazing but it also looks beautiful. If you put one in your dining room, suddenly you can have dinner but also play some beautiful music. In case you don’t know how to play the piano, it’s a great excuse to start learning something new.


Nowadays, most people live a very stressful and rapid lifestyle. It is very important to take some time to ourselves and just relax. Here’s an idea to have a multipurpose dining room at the same time as you improve the health of your body and mind: put the dining table and chairs away, put some pillows on the floor and enjoy some meditation time.


Dancing is also a great way of relaxation. Here you can also find a simple idea on how to create a multipurpose dining room. Just put a ballet bar in one of the corners of the dining area, this won’t call for much attention and it won’t ruin the design of the space either. Then you can have some beautiful moments before or after your dinner parties.


Finally, this is an idea for those who already liked the bookshelves idea but also for those who have those kind of friends who love to sleepover after dinner parties. Make a multipurpose dining room simply by having a bookshelf with a folded bed in it.

Multipurpose Dining Room

Did you like these multipurpose dining rooms?

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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo