Luxury Dining Room Ideas By Top French Interior Designers

Due to Maison et Objet, we bring you luxury dining room ideas by the top interior designers in France. Paris is not only the famous capital of fashion but it also the birth city of modern interior design.

Gerard Faivre


Luxury Dining Room Ideas By Top French Interior Designers


The luxury dining room is inspired by bold colors like green, orange and gold, and emblematic materials like velvet, wood and marble. These colors and materials were usually found on the interior decors by the time of the Second Empire, and symbolized a certain “bourgeoisie”. That was what Gérard was seeking for L’Appartement at Rue Bonapart.

The interior design project featured Delightfull in the dining room with Ike Suspension Lamp above the round dining table.


François Champsaur


Luxury Dining Room Ideas By Top French Interior Designers


About this modern interior design project in Paris and according to François Champsaur: “The idea was to create a sort of large box completely re-sculptured, like a Roman Villa where the architecture alone is plentiful. It was a must to discard every excess, every effect of material, every anecdotal element. All in order to shift this family apartment towards modernity and minimalism.” As you can observe, the corridor opens into the lounge and the kitchen to the luxury dining room.


Sarah Lavoine


Luxury Dining Room Ideas By Top French Interior Designers


From the outset, her clients recognized her innate talent and ability to transform spaces. Working on a wide variety of interior design projects, she quickly forged strong convictions about the use of space, light, and color. Her signature style also incorporates a mixing of styles and origins, elegance and comfort, it is the embodiment of a cosmopolitan Parisian spirit.

In this luxury dining room, the top interior designer goes back to her palette and chooses particular color associations to give each place a singular atmosphere. She chose neutral colors, combining them with the yellow curtains creating a contemporary dining room design.


Thierry Lemaire


Luxury Dining Room Ideas By Top French Interior Designers


In turn architect, interior designer and industrial designer, this three-dimensional approach has opened up his horizons and enriched his palette to create his distinct style that today, draws him towards the interior and furniture design. Sculptural and oversized pieces, brilliantly luxurious, a sense of glamour pushed to the extreme, a vision of luxury that is ultra-comfortable in the spirit of the 1970s. Spectacular, futuristic lines infuse spaces that blend ultra-modernity with classicism, and the angular with the curvaceous. This luxury dining room is full of contemporary art pieces, creating a great mixing of colors with this modern dining table and the upholstery dining chairs.


Jean-Louis Deniot



When it comes to crafting a home with luxurious details, French designer Jean-Louis Deniot doesn’t hold back. The luxury dining room in this London townhouse features a custom black dining table, chairs in Romo and Pasaya fabrics, and a Blue Savoy marble mantel. The crystal chandelier is Louis XVI, the sconces are by Hamilton Conte, and the curtains are of a JAB Anstoetz fabric.


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Didier Gomez



Known as one of the best interior designers in France, Didier Gomez is a source of inspiration for all the design world. With a personal and charismatic home décor style, the French interior designer has begun his career as an opera singer before branching out into the world of interior and product design in 1985 with his association with the architect JJ Ory. The luxury dining room presents a sunny and yellow touch with a simple wooden floor and white background that gives a sunny and illuminated atmosphere. There is also an exclusive pendant lamp over the table, some yellow modern chairs with a unique design.


Pierre-Yves Rochon



PYR has been entrusted with iconic historic landmarks as well as cutting-edge developments around the world as a direct result of the creative integrity, authenticity and craftsmanship we bring to every project. In addition, PYR has created restaurant environments for some of the world’s most innovative chefs.


Charles Zana



As in many of Charles Zana’s projects, there are also elegant references to classic French architecture, such as the stylized black boiserie in the luxury dining room and the parquet de Versailles in a guest room. Light fixtures by Christophe Côme hang above a Martin Szekely contemporary dining table and Finn Juhl dining chairs. The painting on the paneled wall is by Gabriel Orozco, the neon wall sculpture is by Glenn Ligon, and the carpet is by Tai Ping.


Mathieu Lehanneur



At the forefront of the international design sceneMathieu Lehanneur is one of the few designers of his generation with a genuine multi-disciplinary approach to creativity: his projects stretch the realms of product design and object to architecture, craft, and technology. Lehanneur thrives on creating spectacular projects that are intended to enchant and to encourage wellbeing. His work defies traditional descriptions of design, science and art. This unique dining table designed by Mathieu creates a statement in a luxury dining room.


Philippe Starck



Philippe Starck, a French designer known for his wide range of designs, including everything from interior design to household objects to boats to watches. He has also worked as an architect. Parallel to his career as an interior designer, Starck developed an international reputation on the basis of his wide range of industrial designs. In this luxury dining room, the top interior designer chose these colorful dining chairs to create an impact in the room.


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