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The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas

High-end restaurants are normal in Vegas. So many new contemporary restaurants are popping up there that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. Once known for buffets and cocktail waitresses, Las Vegas is now one of the world’s tastiest places to eat. If you think you’re a celebrity chef and you don’t have a restaurant in Vegas… You’re not one.

Joël Robuchon


The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas

The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas


Only Vegas has the eponymous dining room named after and run by “The Chef of the Century”, according to Gault Millau in 1990. As stale as the accolade might be, there is nothing tired about the food being turned out at this exquisite French jewel box in the bowels of the MGM Hotel.


“If there’s one word to describe Joël Robuchon’s namesake restaurant in MGM Grand, it’s ‘exquisite. Perhaps no kitchen in Las Vegas is as respected and as honored. This is undoubtedly the most elegant restaurant in town…at a level of luxury you won’t find anywhere else in Vegas, or perhaps the entire U.S. But thankfully, the staff is friendly and welcoming.” – Al Mancini


What you should eat in this ultimate shrine to French flavor and flair: soft-boiled egg with smoked salmon and caviar; truffle langoustine ravioli; guinea hen layered with foie gras; roasted duck and seared foie gras with sweet and sour cherries; the bread cart and the chocolate trolley.


Le Cirque


The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas

The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas


The equally celebratory fine cuisine is classic French, deliciously and innovatively finessed by Executive Chef Alan Mardonovich. Le Cirque has received the AAA Five Diamond Award rating and Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star rating.

This critic’s menu picks from Le Cirque: citrus-marinated hamachi; langoustines with caviar; honey-glazed Barbary duck magret; poached Maine lobster; loup de mer with crispy potatoes.

The name is legendary. The experience is unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the brilliant colors of this lakeside destination and prepare for a meal as bold and transcendent as your surroundings. Le Cirque’s luxury dining room, designed by Adam D. Tihany, exudes celebration. A coveted wine list and attentive service complete an evening at Le Cirque -one that will remain in your memory for years to come.




The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas
The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas

Set in the subtly opulent, five-star Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, Twist is a brilliant stroke of restaurant design by master Adam Tihany. It’s illuminated by over 300 gold globes that seem to float in the air. If that sounds bubbly, you get it.

Choose from the Grand Tasting menu, the A La Carte menu, and the Vegetarian Tasting menu, along with an array of desserts and signature cocktails. The years haven’t dimmed Gagnaire’s incessant search for astounding edibles and his Nebraska sirloin with escargot sauce and venison ice-cream provides a window into the intellectual curiosity that drives his talent.




The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas

The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas


Is this the best restaurant for a steakhouse in Vegas?
Everything from the pristine oxtail broth to the bone-marrow flan to the hot potato knishes to the lamb chops with mint-cucumber raita to the thyme-lavender roasted duck to the classic Dover sole is the equal of the prime grass- and corn-fed beef on offer.

In fact, some tables skip the steaks entirely and make a meal from the stunning small plates, appetizers and sides. The wine list, under sommelier Lindsey Whipple, has vastly improved in the past two years, both in selection and price.




The Best High-end Restaurants In Las Vegas


José Andrés is America’s favorite avant-garde Spanish chef. He’s the one who made tapas a go-to light dinner choice, and the reason paella is currently on your mind. José Andrés is particularly loved in Vegas, where he runs a handful of eateries. Here’s what Al says about this one, a secret hideaway:


“é by José Andrés is one of the most exclusive restaurants in this town. Tucked into the back of his Jaleo restaurant in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the tiny room seats only nine at a single curved bar where Chef Andrés’ team prepares your meal in front of you.”


The nine seats at é by José Andrés don’t come easy. You must email the restaurant starting at midnight 90 days before your requested date, which they confirm by emailing you a golden ticket. You’ll feast on a tasting menu of over 20 small courses. Yes, twenty. The pre-paid reservation is $275 per person as of March 2019.


Las Vegas and its high-end restaurants are waiting for you!


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