Best Materials for Contemporary Dining Tables

Are you wondering what materials to choose for your dining room table? Then our list of the best finishes for the dining tables will certainly be useful for you! Let’s see which of them will fit your modern interior design, and maybe you will even fall in love with one of the pieces!


Marble dining tables

dining tables

Chic, trendy, and stylish – if it is what you want your table to be, consider marble! Combined with a contemporary design and refined lines, this material will convey a sense of elegance. A marble table is not only a pleasure for the guests’ eyes but is also perfect for the homeowner as this finish is practical in terms of cleaning and endurance.


Metal dining tables

As a symbol of strength, metal adds some roughness to the whole interior of your room. However, if needed you can balance it with calm tones of the walls and floor. For loft style admirers, this combination is just wonderful since it involves features of minimalism.


Wooden dining tables

dining tables

Turning to nature in interior design has been a trend for quite a long time already. Therefore, we cannot leave it out when analyzing the best table materials. Wood will be an ideal application of this trend. Either a grand item completely made of wood or only a delicate thin wooden top – you will always be able to find the right option for your wooden dining table ideas.


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Glass dining tables

dining tables

The best way to create a light atmosphere in the dining room is to buy a glass table. It looks both luxurious and elegant at the same time. Moreover, interesting details on the base that resemble gold material will nicely match with the glass top, as shown in the last example. This is effective in case you want to enhance the luxury mood.


Concrete dining tables

It is assumed that concrete can only be good for outdoor furniture. We do not agree with that! We believe that it might become great material for modern interior design if applied correctly. It seems raw and brutal but when supplemented with delicate home decor ideas, it is a piece of treasure for your dining room.


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