Modern Dining Tables by Bonaldo

If you are thinking of reviving your dining room design, you will definitely need to consider a new dining table. It should be contemporary and stylish for you to dive into a fresh atmosphere. For this, we have prepared the list of modern dining tables by an Italian furniture brand Bonaldo. They have over eighty years of experience and passion for design. The innovation, experiments with new materials, and constantly developing modernity have always taken place in those years of work. Let’s see which of Bonaldo modern dining tables can be great for your dining room.



modern dining tables

With the legs that remind of a ship’s bow shape and the combination of calm yet strong colors, this table makes a perfect first impression. The modern design of it calls for the same modern interior in order to build an integral picture in the end.



modern dining tables

Do you want your guests to be amazed by your contemporary furniture? Then go for this piece of art! Its original base will turn everyone’s idea of modern dining tables upside down. You can choose the shape, color, and material of many offered to have a really unique item.



No wonder that this Hulahoop table was named after a popular game. You can already feel the dynamics and rhythm conveyed by its base comprised of circular elements.



Modern dining tables should make a clear statement that is strong and understandable. This piece is one of those. The extra thick wooden top contrasts with the light diamond-shaped base to eventually create harmony and balance in its look. It makes this wooden dining table a subject of desire.


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Coolors Collection Boca do Lobo



One more Bonaldo creation for modern dining tables is this item with a geometric shape and interesting inserts that resemble the top’s finish material. It is just great to add to your interior design ideas.



The sharp lines of the tracks on this table are the key feature for its styling. The tracks can also be extended to provide more space. The frame is available in various colors which makes it easy to match your interior.


Mass table

This round table inspires and instantly grasps your attention through its gentle yet powerful character. The piece was designed to celebrate the brand’s 80th anniversary and is a wonderful example of modern dining tables.



Be ready to fall in love with the lightness and transparency of the Mille. The item’s consistent legs and elegant top, that is offered in different shapes and materials, add it to our list of top modern dining tables by Bonaldo.


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Metamorphosis Center Table Boca do Lobo