The best luxury restaurant designed by Studio Peregalli

Studio Peregalli is an Italian design firm, founded by Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini. Working from Milan, they combine classical interior design with some features of the modern style. With this, the interior designers can create real masterpieces. Let’s have a look at one of the projects of Studio Peregalli, a luxury restaurant Cracco in Milan.

Situated in a popular landmark Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the restaurant sparks with exquisiteness and grace. You should definitely add this spot to your list when visiting Milan the next time.


luxury restaurant

luxury restaurant

Peregalli and Remini’s ability to revive the historic buildings and bring in a new spirit to those places is well known and can also be noticed in this incredible restaurant interior. From the grand elevator, elegant details on the walls, and majestic archways to the floral wallpapers – the combination of styles and techniques is to be found at every turn. This is one of the Studio Peregallis‘s recognizable features in their interior design projects and is surely an inspiration for luxury restaurant design ideas.


luxury restaurant

The bloom on the walls of this luxury restaurant is a pattern that was discovered from the 1920s. However, the designers added more color to it in order to brighten things up.


luxury restaurant

Instead of having one huge dining room in this luxury restaurant, Studio Peregalli went for multiple small dining rooms. It creates an intimate atmosphere and a proper luxury experience for the guests to enjoy.


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The sophistication of Cracco can also be seen in the dimmed light of antiqued lamps, grand dining tables with a delicate white tablecloth, mirrors, and exquisite yet somewhat contemporary furniture. The tableware is carefully selected to become a final touch to the whole ambience of the place.

The perfect interior is not the only aspect that makes this luxury restaurant a must-visit place. Carlo Cracco, a Michelin-starred chef, will make certain that you are provided with the top quality meal, the one you will remember for a long time.


The basement level of the luxury restaurant by Studio Peregalli has a different design and conveys a specific feeling. The shelves are filled with bottles of wine, which are available for guests to taste or buy.


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