Luxury Dining Tables By Maria Pergay

Maria Pergay is a designer based in Paris. Her works glow with creativity and unusual ideas. It is even more precious knowing that her dedication to creating remarkable furniture has never stopped, and even at the age of 88 she continues to impress the whole art community. We have made a selection of luxury dining tables by Maria Pergay that might inspire you for new decisions regarding your interior design.    


Marie Antoinette table

luxury dining tables luxury dining tables

This example of modern dining tables is worth having a look at. The top with oak slice is a stylish and interesting idea, making the whole table just a piece of art. A Plexiglas base makes an impression of easiness and purity.


Saturn table

Stainless steel has become a popular material for contemporary furniture. Maria also uses it a lot for her innovative works, just like this one. Completely made of stainless steel, this piece will be a great purchase for any interior designer.


Dining table, 2007

Luxury dining tables are those that give you a feeling of exclusivity. This item simply speaks for itself. Nickel plated bronze on the base and appealing details on the top will make you wish you had this table. It is one of the pieces that can be seen in David Gill gallery in London.


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Rainbow table

If you feel like playing with colors in your dining room interior, consider this table. It will definitely be a bright spot in every design.


Gerbe table

luxury dining tables

A round dining table with glass top can be a simple yet wonderful idea for small dining rooms because such example of luxury dining tables will convey balance and grace.


Dining table, 1976

luxury dining tables

This piece of luxury dining tables attracts with its architectural refined lines.


Dining table, 1968

Luxury dining tables are also modern and stylish. This is one of the examples of such. Maria’s favorite stainless steel and Plexiglass are applied in this table, making it an excellent item.


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