Colour Trends 2019: Transform your Dining Room

This new year brings us all sorts of new and bright interior design styles to take over. Today, we are focusing especially on top 3 colour trends 2019 to be inspired. Take a look!


Hunter Green

colour trends 2019With a futuristic look and in the trendy hunter green – this table brings a modern approach and yet very elegant and glamorous touch to any dining room. The contemporary aesthetic and seductive power that will make a more dark home decor stand out beautifully.


colour trends 2019 Deep greens that are inspired by (but not directly reflective of) nature will bring the healing properties of the outdoors into the home, without feeling overly arboreal. The hunter green will look perfect in accents to your dining room.


The Hunter green holds a sultry and worldly value to it, it’s intrinsic in nature and all of life. It’s timeless in every respect and works beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones. This is one of the top colour trends 2019 you got to love!


Dusty Pink

colour trends 2019 The dusty pink tone that looks moody and modern, especially when paired with a contrasting trim color. This is one of those colour trends 2019 that will prevail and be adapted to different interior design styles.


And because we can never get enough of Tom Dixon’s lighting pieces, we chose these absolutely gorgeous suspension lamps. Minimal and yet so stylish. The perfect dusty pink inspiration for any dining set decoration.


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The ‘Blueprint’

colour trends 2019

The “Blueprint” – and shades like it – they’re incredibly versatile. On the one hand, like navy, a medium blue can be used as a neutral shade. It can stand up to bolder colors like vibrant reds and yellows. However, on the other, a medium blue shade can also be an accent color. It can be the pop of visual interest that livens up an otherwise neutral design.


colour trends 2019The statement dining table has a noble design features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, mirror, and azulejo strips and a tempered glass top, which reflect your dining room’s finest elements, yet adding a touch of warmth and finesse contrasting with the blueprint color on the chairs.


colour trends 2019The espresso hardwood is the perfect compliment to the airy and powdery blue walls. This mix of eras and styles, it makes the entire space look curated and collected over time.

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