Thanksgiving Table Ideas That You Will Love

Modern Dining Tables love the holidays because they’re the perfect occasion to spend good quality times with family and friends, and if you’re one who absolutely loves to be the host and have people over, gather them around the dining table and provide them with an unforgettable moment, we have the most perfect thanksgiving table ideas.

Ranging from the dining table itself to the luxury tableware, it is key to have it all perfectly prepared for the occasion because during this holiday the focus is the dining room.

A nice big table that can fit all your guests is extremely important, this way you can invite whoever you wish and they’ll be left utterly stunned with these two Boca do Lobo pieces we have picked for you.

Take your good china and flatware out and step up your thanksgiving’s dinner with this luxury factor. Gold and white are always safe tones of choice, and Vista Alegre has one of the most beautiful and luxurious sets to complement your thanksgiving table ideas.

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Lamps Boca do Lobo


If you are feeling even bolder, a splash of color creates the perfect scene for a victorious and glamorous dining table set. This holiday requires everything that is indulgent and luxurious, from sparkled decoration to subtle luxury, you decide!

Your dining room is the center of attention of the entire holiday and little details like napkin rings make the whole difference. Your food is worthy of being set in the most beautiful scenario possible, so find your inner inspiration and make it look the most glamorous it can be.

thanksgiving table ideas

For those who want something different from the typical thanksgiving color palette, a bouquet of greens and neutral tones is the perfect option. But if you’re more of a traditional thanksgiving lover, earth tones will always be a good and safe choice.

thanksgiving table ideas

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