Moooi’s Incredible Center Pieces for Your Dining Room Table

Welcome to the world of Moooi! A Dutch furniture, lighting, and interior design company that continues seducing the world with its contemporary designs. Moooi‘s products are beautifully created and really inspiring pieces that make anyone that lays eyes in it, to have an urge to purchase these amazing gems.

Moooi‘s collections are full of exclusive style, exquisite and crafted with passion. Objects that make any dining room playful and unique, with its fresh and sinuous lines. Timeless pieces that make the great fusion between old and modern times, creating the perfect setting and most harmonious dining experience. 

Blow Away Vase

A classic porcelain that got shaped into something really bizarre but incredible. The wind motion becomes part of its features & its beauty also lays in the fact that it is bent but not defeated.

Delft Blue Vase No. 06

The vases are reinterpreting and revitalizing Delft Blue and old Dutch craft using new ideas for shapes and decoration.

Delft Blue Vase No. 04

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Master Bedroom Collection Boca do Lobo


Marcel Wanders designed a collection of ceramic vases for Moooi, all vases are produced and decorated at ‘Royal Delft’, a Dutch-based ceramics firm that has been working with this material for many years.

“We are here to make an environment more beautiful, exciting and inspiring!”

Delft Blue Vase No. 12

Delft Blue Vase No. 07


This unexpected home vision brings to life a whole world of new ideas and inspiring complete Moooi settings to brighten up daily life with a touch of magic, and makes a home environment more beautiful and unique.


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