Martin Brudnizki’s Golden Fine Dining Treasure

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio created the most-hyped Dallas luxury restaurant of 2018. Brudnizki conceived the perfect and most extravagant place for fine dining, the Bullion restaurant.

fine dining

With the flawless sense of theatre, intimate booth seating, and a more relaxed lounge bar area, this restaurant presents three key ideas in mind that occurred to the firm when creating this place. Firstly, it was crucial building something so elegant but still casual that would make its visitors feel like they were inside of a brasserie.

Secondly, the interior designer wanted to enhance the essence of the bullion and its bulky state before coining, here, the gold design is the peak of fine dining. The Bullion’s amazing experience is extremely visual. The journey begins right in the entrance, ascending the staircase to find a lounge, a place where they can just chill or have a drink at the bar. The bar itself has a great aesthetic, covered in tones of blue and gold, a wooden gloss top, and woven leather front.

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Here, art also gives life to all the different corners, and inside of the dining room, you’ll fall into the grace of an innovative and striking wall sculpture by the artist, Kathryn Andrews.

Thirdly, and the most important focus key, is to offer a contemporary design that resembles Dallas’ rich history and all its allure. Bullion, dressed in the most flamboyant gold design, turned out such a successful fine dining place due to its shapes, finishes of all the elements involved and luxurious materials.

Bullion’s exterior is covered in shiny gold scales made of copper and aluminum alloy, that when it’s hit by the sun, the facade unravels the most unique color shades.


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