Dare to Be Bold with These Contemporary Dining Tables

Create a welcoming and entertaining place in your home! This is what everyone wants for their dining room, a place where luxury reigns but it’s still fun to look at. From wood to glass, these dining tables are crafted in the most unthinkable and creative ways, and when the eyes meet the piece one is left utterly stunned.

Thus Modern Dining Tables has gathered some awesomely-looking dining tables that will make you wish you had it installed inside of your dining room at this very precise moment. So get ready to be inspired, get creative and to pick your favorite right here, and right now.

Dichotomy Table  by Kelly Wearstler

The luxurious and sculptural Dichotomy Table is a stunning and unique statement table inspired by the classical figurative decor.

Seraph in Motion by Daniel Liebeskind

Libeskind aims to create projects that are resonant, original, and sustainable. The Seraph in Motion dining table is the most unexpectedly exquisite design for a fine dining ambiance.

Newton by Boca do Lobo

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Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement dining piece with a contemporary design created in order to fulfill the needs of Boca do Lobo’s clients that are looking for the best in modern furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high-quality materials.

Chinese Rock by Mattia Bonetti

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Mattia Bonetti is known for creating innovative pieces of furniture that are as much works of fine art as they are utilitarian objects. He employs a wide range of materials, often in surprising ways.

Maria Pergay’s dining table

Known for her innovative use of stainless steel incorporating lacquer, wood, and mother-of-pearl, Maria Pergay came up with the perfect contemporary design.

UtraStellar by Zaha Hadid

Walnut, chosen for its color, is curved into Hadid’s famous fluid and sinuous lines. The designer aimed to create a piece that appears to be lightweight.

Antarctica by Fredrikson Stallard

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Fredrikson Stallard’s take is to allow the material’s natural qualities to come through but in a strictly controlled way.

Obssedia by Koket

The simplicity of the dining table disappears, leaving only an intoxicating illusion of art coming to life.

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