La Maison du Caviar, A Luxury Restaurant by OITOEMPONTO

La Maison du Caviar, better described as the chic of the Orient Express and the dashing glamour. A luxury restaurant that in 2018 got reinvented by the two interior designers Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, and that turned out to be a hymn to timeless luxury.

La Maison du Caviar opened in 1956 in Paris, and it’s new interior evokes the glorious golden times during a cruise in a Paris during the 30’s, the spirit of the Normandie liner, the fluidity of the ocean, the elegant Orient Express and the flamboyant glamour of the 50’s. All of these dashing details were combined with such great luxury and contemporary design, resulting in a fine dining experience provided by OITOEMPONTO.

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The best part of this project in this luxury restaurant has to be the dining room, a place immersed under water, almost like a real-life aquarium thanks to exclusive pieces that resemble the ocean life. Beige wool tweeds and copper wire for the benches, sea-urchin ceiling lights, coral sconces by Hervé Van der Straeten, exclusively made for OITOEMPONTO upholstered benches and stools fabricated in velvet, everything is thoroughly thought of to enjoy caviar in the most luxurious way.

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This new design of La Maison du Caviar had the intention to reconnect with its original traditions of having the clientele over to savor caviars of the best provenance, as well as smoked fish and other products of excellence, and OITOEMPONTO did great justice to this luxury restaurant located in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Paris, this restaurant enhances everything that is great about fine dining.


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