Dining Room Color Trends for 2019

2019 is just right around the corner, and next year will be the year of evoking earth tones for your dining room. Modern Dining Tables has gathered some of the best color trends that will be a must for the year that awaits!

Picking the perfect color for your dining area is a key aspect that enhances the beauty of your luxury furniture, and will provocatively give life to the entire room. Ranging from greys, blues, and oranges, 2019 has some of the most inspiring color trends that will provide endless possibilities for your dining moments.


Create your own sunshine! This is the perfect tone to combine with whites and wood, it gives such a warm and cozy feeling to the area.


Wooden details set the perfect mood for this color. If you’re feeling bold, this might the perfect color trend for your dining area.

Charcoal Grey

One of the most luxurious color trends, this tone evokes everything that is power, richness, and boldness.  Combined with gold elements creates the most audacious ambiance.


The most alluring and passionate color. Red is the color of love, fire, and power, red is the first color of spring. Every color has a history and this might be the best of them all!

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Navy Blue

The navy color never looks like it’s trying too much, it always feels so classic and chic. There is no blue without orange and yellow, the most glorious combination.


Beauty is in a light, pastel color. One of the softest color trends, Ivory is such a versatile color that can be combined with anything.

Cloud White

No color will ever be brighter than white, this tone is not an absence of color, it is a shining and affirmative thing.

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