Artemide’s Light Fixtures That You Will Love

Artemide is a design-oriented Italian manufacturer that combines the approach to human and lighting with a next-generation technology. The company specializes in the manufacture of lighting designed by designers and architects. Contemporary, sophisticated and sustainable are what define the brand’s products, a great philosophy that combines luxury whilst providing an environmentally friendly dining experience.


 Arrival is a complete lamp family with dynamic, flowing shapes and a contemporary design that sculpt light with delicate, graphic lines.

Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence, the result of when two luxury brands, Artemide and Mercedes-Benz, combine forces and create a masterpiece. Through a transparent form and a dynamic light, it creates a countless number of scenarios.


Chlorophilia is a highly scenic, yet light suspension appliance that, when switched on, unveils a contrast of delicate shades interacting with space and completing it.

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Copernico is composed of ellipses that rotate independently on two different axes, enabling the light emission to be directed and numerous spatial configurations to be obtained at the same time.

Mercury is a very versatile piece. Artemide‘s futuristic thought takes the brand’s creations further to a whole innovative contemporary design concept.

Nebula is generated from advanced parametric scripting the vortices act as light capturing forms, emitting a glowing light phenomena from a ring of LEDs located in its circumference.

And because having the perfect dining table and the most alluring light fixture in your dining room is the key to reach the epitome of a successful fine dining, here are Modern Dining Table‘s selection of favorites from Artemide‘s wide collection of designing wonders!


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