Coal Office Restaurant, London’s New Star Dining Area

A new star dining area has just emerged in London’s most dynamic neighborhood, Coal Office Restaurant. Right in the heart of London, in Granary Square a new restaurant became prominent for events and experimentations of fine dining.

The Coal Office is a restaurant collaboration between acclaimed chef Assaf Granit and Tom Dixon, created by their own interior design corporation Design Research Studio. Many of the building’s original features were kept untouched, including the industrial Victorian brickwork and windows. Coal Office Restaurant reflects a juxtaposition of a rustic creative design, textured backdrops cleverly situated amid a modern, contemporary setting of stunning interior design features.

Dixon employs his signature industrial stamp throughout from the ground floor dining room up to the rooftop bar and al fresco space. There are also plans for a chef’s table in the vaulted basement.

The restaurant’s immersive dining area and entire experience mirror the unique, engaging traditions found throughout Jerusalem, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Expect a culinary journey of discovery when eating out.

“Coal Office’s concept is distinct; born from a direct connection to the kitchen. A complete collaboration between design and cooking” says Tom Dixon

In the second room, the seating is set at a lower dining level, creating a more relaxed feel. Meandering through the curving space, marble tabletops in a variety of shades present Dixon-designed tableware, which currently includes rough-hewn silver cutlery that is being tested on diners’ pre-production.


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Granit’s menu of Mediterranean-style sharing plates is served from an open kitchen, this concept perfectly matches with the restaurant’s contemporary design. The chef’s native Jerusalem is at its heart, but it also draws upon many traditional Mediterranean flavors and textures that stretch from North Africa to The Levant.

After experiencing the finest and most delightful dining experience in the dining area of your choice, head upstairs to take full advantage of the outdoor terrace, which provides an outstanding view.

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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo