Dining Room Tables That Will Give You Nature Feels

Dining room tables are the center of attention for any dining area, and if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some great ideas for you that will definitely step up your designing game.


Lagoon by Gaetano Pesce

This earthy colored table is part of the ‘six tables on water’ collection, and each piece from the collection represents the density of six expanses of water – oceans, lagoons, rivers, lakes, ponds, and puddles.


Lake by Gaetano Pesce

Just like ‘Lagoon’ this table is a result of experimental technologies which push the boundaries of production processes, through the exploration of the elasticity and sensuality of silicon, resin, and foam resulting in a great nature design.


Bonsai by Boca do Lobo

This luxury brand got inspired by the Japanese art form that uses cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that mimic the shape and scale of full-size trees. This table is certainly a not so miniature landscape for your dining area, it is one of the most unique dining room tables.


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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo


Abyss by Mattia Bonetti

Abyss is a table that will take you on a trip under the water or to a very deep cave. Combining all the trees, corals, and bubbling volcanoes elements this is a dining design that will definitely catch your attention from all the other dining room tables.

dining room tables



Stonehenge by Boca do Lobo

Resembling the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, this table is positioned asymmetrically and composed by striking finishes and materials of brass and marble allow you to have a luxurious sensation in your dining area.


Atlantis by Mattia Bonetti

Made of bronze and marble, this table resembles the insides of a cave. The hand-molded bronze creates this unique structural forms giving this piece a peculiar and extraordinary dining design.


Liquid Glaciar by Zaha Hadid

This stunning piece is made of transparent acrylic furniture, radiating a powerful fluid dynamic. The form of the legs is supposed to mimic melting glacial ice and when the light hits the table it reflects shadows resembling water.

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