Traditional Meets Contemporary in Été Restaurant

Été, the French word for “Summer”. Barangaroo’s first classical French with a contemporary Australian touch restaurant has to offer an uncommon but spectacular dining experience.

As the restaurant’s name suggests, the name is tied to seasonality. Not only the chef’s recipes change throughout the year according to seasonal fresh products but so do the menu covers and the illustrations inside. From floral installations, corn and artichoke arrangements to lavender and thyme bouquets seasonally set the tone of the restaurant’s design.


Designed by Australian interior designers Foolscap Studio, the dining area‘s décor gives you a sense of freshness and brightness. Right on the waterfront of Bangaroo, Été is the perfect lunch and dinner destination that honors the elegance of classic Provençal style mixed with a refined Australian contemporary design.

There are two competing color palettes that divide Été’s space into two zones. In the front area has a bright tangerine and green tones, representing spring and summer. The other area has a dark-hued paletted range where moody colors like plum and burgundy reign, representing autumn and winter. The two dining areas represent both region’s cultural identity, the old and new aesthetic, the elegant French Provençal style and a contemporary Australian polished subtlety, making this one of the restaurants with the strongest one-of-a-kind dining experience.


“This isn’t a restaurant people will come to once just a year. I want them to be able to come all the time. It’s a step down from fine dining.” says Bolton.


Traditional chairs, green ceramic tiles that adorn the bar’s backdrop, the décor is peppered with subtle nods to French elegance, while the limestone floor tiling and the long communal table, aluminum vessels,  give a more rough vibe referencing to the contemporary Australian aspect.

The artist John Zabawa contributed with many artistic aspects for the dining room area, a series of ten artworks that are displayed on the walls and dramatic murals of faces that brings to mind Picasso’s drawings.

Every detail has been designed to give you the best dining experience mixing both cultures, the classical French with a contemporary Australian touch.


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