Restaurant Conjures the Beauty of Chinese Countryside in a Dining Area

Teahouses have always been something very common in the Chinese culture. There are many located around cities and villages and they’re considered to be a great place to relax whilst drinking tea, and now there is one with a very particular dining area.

Icha Chateau, a new restaurant and tea bar in Shanghai designed by a local architecture and interior design practice who got inspired by the country’s tea plantations, definitely allows whoever enters the door to live a unique and one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The outside of this mid-19th-century building had to be left untouched due to historic preservation protocols, but the interior suffered an unbelievable transformation where a contemporary design dominates.

dining area

From the outside of the tea bar, the structure that reminds of a swirling tea-pot gives the street a noticeable elegant light. There is nothing minimalist about this unique restaurant.

The inside has a gold aesthetic followed by a subtle lighting, giving a concept that stands out from other restaurants and teahouses.

There are approximately 35,000 meters of gold chains in 3 different shades, each layer was sculpted to mimic the massive tea fields. The soft nature of the chains invites to touch and feel them and offer guests a sense of privacy in the dining area.

In the dining area, a grey mirror is placed behind the sofa seating reflecting the gold waves specifically to give guests a sense that they are dining under a forest canopy as well as enhancing the other elements.


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The others elements in the room are just as important as the suspended chain-curtains. It’s certain that golden elements reign in this room. The brass details of the chairs, tables, lighting and the dark-hued flooring transform this whole experience into something more than a simple trip to a teahouse or restaurant.

The result is a dining area with a sense of sophistication that in the middle of Shanghai combines luxury with the perfect essence of the rural beauty of Chinese countryside.


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