Discover the Best Wall Lamps to Illuminate your Dining Room

Being one of the most important rooms in someone’s house, the Dining Room should be decorated in the most elegant and careful way possible. So, since lighting is the number one priority, here are some of the best suggestions of Wall Lamps that could escort perfectly any modern dining tables.


FontanaArte – Ananas

With a simple and yet, timeless best design, Ananas produces diffused, indirect lighting that provides a relaxation and a pleasant sense of ‘home’.

Oluce – Astro

This highly unique wall lamp consists of 3 little ‘jowels’, whose geometry provides a prismatic light to the room and it finds the balance between the physics and the volumes of the light.

Slamp – Fiorella Mini Wall

For the flowers lovers, this piece is the best choice, as its luminous petals create infinite lighting fragments and shadows cast across the walls and give a different sense to your luxury furniture.

Ligne Roset – Josephine 5D

Who would say that contemporary and classic could fit so well together? Well, this luxury brand has, undoubtedly, make them fit amazingly when it comes to the Josephine 5D wall lamp from Ligne Roset.

Oluce – Lens

Lens is a direct light wall lamp inspired by contemporary sculpture, playing with the curvature of the surfaces in an interesting reference of light and mirrors, creating a barrier between the light source and the surrounding space of the dining room‘s wall.

Slamp – Lillibet Mini Wall

Lillibet represents the evolution of stylistic production just after the turn of the century. The radial structure reflects the added luxury of transparent crystals and due to its shape, the light creates amazing patterns on the walls.

Oluce – Lyndon

This particular wall lamp’s geometrical design could travel our imagination from back in time, maybe at an old European city, to a modern era of today.

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Boca do Lobo – Metamorphosis Sconces

There is no better way to start with, if not with Metamorphosis Sconces. This unique creation is like a luxury jewel for your home, as the marble and brass blend makes it the most sophisticated lighting accessory.

FontanaArte – Riga

What could not be missing from this list is the Riga wall lamp. This extraordinary piece, with its linear exclusive design and the metal structure, diffuses the light upside down and gives a modern sense to any dining room.

Boca do Lobo – Soleil Sconce

One can definitely notices that there is something unique about this lamp. At this monumental piece, Boca do Lobo designers put all their passion to eventually come up with this beautiful, gold ornament for your dining room.

Boca do Lobo – Supernova Sconces

Supernova Chandelier is an exquisite masterpiece whose aim is to decorate any venue in a remarkable way. Given its elegant shape, this piece of art provokes the senses and creates a feeling of euphoria accompanied by prestige in the dining room.

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Slamp – Veli Ceiling Wall

Inspired by the high fashion world, Veli is a sophisticated, glamorous decorative piece for your dining room’s wall with an elegant design that can satisfy every decoration idea.

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