Inimitable Eclectic Design By Studiopepe

Eclectic design, or art of selecting the best from various styles, ideas or methods, and compositing the elements drawn from a variety of sources, is very popular nowadays. Studiopepe, a Milanese design agency, has succeeded in this like no other. Focused on design and research, the studio surprises with its innovative approach and experimental design philosophy.

Its eclectic style is authentic, a true dialogue between the opposites. The studio developed a number of the interior design projects with eclectic decor. Have a look at this selection of the dining zones. Striking yellow is mixed with pure white in the dining room wall decor.

Inimitable Eclectic Design By Studiopepe Inimitable Eclectic Design By Studiopepe

Traditional dining elements are converted into the true art objects together composing the contemporary set. Unique dining tables serve as a site to exhibit sculptures as well as extraordinary glass and metal accessories.

Inimitable Eclectic Design By Studiopepe

Dining furniture is not represented by a traditional set of tables and chairs. The table can have only 3 legs with benches and stools perfectly serving as chairs.

Inimitable Eclectic Design By Studiopepe

Studiopepe’s eclectic design will put the heating elements as a part of wall decorations and the books will not require a habitual shelf.

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The classical ambiance will have a futuristic look thanks to the geometric lighting accents and eclectic furniture.

The dining area can naturally fit into the bedroom and decorative trees and animals will grant the unique feeling of the outside beauty inside the living area.

The modern dining tables in Studiopepe’s universe, wooden and marble, are accompanied by fine accessories one would never think of putting into the modern dining room: candles and vases are conventional objects of the living area.

Eclectic style is in everything: pictures and shelves, lamps, mirrors and walls. Inimitable, recognizable, memorizable…

Source: Studiopepe

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