Summer Dining Tables You Need To Find Out

Dear Interior design lovers, what a nice day to be writing about modern dining tables, so let´s take some minutes to see this amazing article about Summer Dining Tables You Need To Find Out.

Summer Dining Tables You Need To Find Out

Boca do Lobo, portuguese luxury brands will bring you all the summer dining tables you need. Are you getting the itch to freshen up your dining room space too? Every season comes a new chapter of design in your home.

The Flourish dining table made from mahogany with a high gloss black lacquer base. The top is lined with silver leaf.

The Bonsai dining table made from wood with a irregular surface and faceted form, totally manually produced. Shows a luxury lifestyle, the table can be made in marble or wood and in 3 different colors, made in black, green or using poplar root giving a more fresh look for the summer.

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The Patch dining table with a top made through marquetry in ebony leaf. Its base is made from wood, lined with golden leaf. Finished with high gloss varnish. Brings a sense of unity to the dining area. Like the table at which King Arthur and his knights sat so that none should have precedence. Also a place for people meet and talk about equality.

In a round table there are no corners, therefore everyone is the same. The beautiful meaning behind dining tables.

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