Stunning Lighting Pieces for Your Dining Room

If you think something is missing on your dining room, maybe a beautiful and brilliantly designed lighting piece will complete the look. There some pendant lamps or chandeliers that are the statement piece of a room design for sure and today Modern Dining Tables is here to give you some examples of amazing pieces of lighting design to complete your dining area look. Stunning Lighting Pieces for Your Dining Room

Gretchen Murdock exceed herself on this dining area design, creating a mystic around the decor to make it look like a forest, mysterious and beautiful.

Stunning Lighting Pieces for Your Dining Room Slifer Designs opted for a not so discrete lighting piece. It was put here to be the statement piece for sure and it fits perfectly.

Stunning Lighting Pieces for Your Dining Room

With a very contemporary approach, exclusive designer Tara Kantor has inserted a magnifique bubble chandelier matching the dining room color palette creating a very clean space.

This amazing and super unique chandelier is part of a beautiful dining room by Hendricks Churchill. It holds a hunting atmosphere, very rustic. The lighting design resembles to a deer’s antlers which makes it very peculiar and amazing.

Jessica Gersten has a very simple and clean design with very beautiful simple details. This bubble lighting piece is very clean and futuristic turning the whole dining area into a breath of fresh air.

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Classic and elegant, this design by Nicole Hogarty is a throwback to the glamour of the antique ballrooms. The chandelier is just incredible with stunning details.

Regan Baker, simple, elegant and cozy, everything you want to see when looking at your dining area. The lighting piece is just very futuristic and gives a different and fresh touch to the room.

Fawn Galli Interiors followed a more classic line here, without becoming too vintage and antique. The cloud lighting design is very modern and makes a beautiful contrast with the classic dining chairs.

This dining design by The Redefined Group is part of a mountain retreat, very contemporary and cozy with a special touch of classicism. The two round chandeliers give a bit of sophistication to the look and are not too much.

The Duet Design Group gave it all this time. The woods all over create kind of a rustic atmosphere, and then an explosion of light comes from a beautiful chandelier.

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