10 Dramatic Dining Rooms Full of Elegance

The are many ways to add some drama to a room design. Today, Modern Dining Tables brings you the best dramatic dining rooms, where you will be mesmerised by how amazing and unique a dining area can be.

10 Dramatic Dining Rooms Full of Elegance

This unique and very cool dining room by Ambrasas Architects with its walls that converge into the ceiling brings a different look to the interior design. By using a black and white rug with a ripple effect beneath the table, the table does not get lost in the large open plan space and the yellow dining chairs become the focal point of this dining area design.

10 Dramatic Dining Rooms Full of Elegance

The details are what really make this dining room authentic. The wood blocks on the fireplace facade add a cozy and rustic aesthetic. Webb & Brown-Neaves designed the fireplace facade to be an ever changing wall of shadows when the fire is on making it a constantly changing visual and that is the dramatic point of it all.

10 Dramatic Dining Rooms Full of Elegance

The green leather on the chairs make a beautiful contrast with the marble fireplace and black and white walls. The artwork bring a sense of darkness and mystery to this contemporary design.

10 Dramatic Dining Rooms Full of Elegance

Designer Steven Volpe focused on the amazing Dune Table to create a dining room that is almost Dali-esque.

Copper chairs and a wall of black framed art make this dining room by Kababie Architects spectacular and super trendy. The criss crossed wood base on the table and that uber modern chandelier make a pretty big impact.

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Here the drama begins with that chandelier and ends with the breathtaking view.

If you have the space for a large dining table, why not get one with its own ice compartment in the center? Let’s raise the glass and toast to this amazing design!

Here’s another amazing lighting story. Rather than installing one pendant, this open plan dining area is defined by a multitude of globe pendants.

The dining in the Black Desert house by Marc Atlan and Oller & Pejic is a story of threes. The Platner High Table, the Kartell Masters Chairs and the Zettel’z light pendant.

Red is always trendy and hot! The artwork here gives such a classical touch that mixed with the modern red dining furniture couldn’t be more dramatic.

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