Discover the Portable Dining Tables By Soban

Dear design lover, do you like design and asian culture? Do you think is cute the way is so easy for some korean or japanese sit in a short legged table? If you do like this, please, take a moment to Discover the Portable Dining Tables By Soban.

Discover the Portable Dining Tables By Soban

Find what Modern Dining Tables have for you today.

Korea is a beautiful country with different cultures, and when people go for lunch if they need to enter the restaurant in a short legged dining tables dining room they take their shoes off.

So inspired by Soban portable dining tables in Korea, Plainoddity designed a pair of tables, OA, that could be used for other purposes in everyday life.

Some modern dining design are trying to use asian inspirations in their modern dining area, such using portable tables.

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By removing the typical decoration found on the Soban tables, they were able to simplify the designs to make the modern, interior design multi-use dining tables.

For a modern and minimalistic look modern dining room when the tables are not in use, they can be hung on the wall with an OA Hook.

Isn´t that great?!

If you have a small dining room with an asian design, you can inspire and instead of having a big dining table, you can choose a korean portable dining table. So much easier!

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