A Modern Dining Room in Taiwan

This is a hot one, dear readers…Are you ready for a A Modern Dining Room in Taiwan? This place in China, still has some names that remain in use today,  each derived from explorers or rulers during a particular historical period. But it still is a  Modern Dining Room…

A Modern Dining Room in Taiwan

The name Formosa , dates from 1542 when Portuguese sailors sighted sighted an uncharted island and noted it on their maps as Ilha Formosa, the beautiful island.

They had 2 needs: the first was that the entire 165 square meter plan encompass the expansive park views outside the wide windows; the second, that every room be tailor made to suit each of the four family member’s needs and stylistic desires.
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Upon entering through the black lacquered entry, guests and residents are visually pulled through the length of the open plan space by the bright sunlight streaming in over the tree tops of the park below in the Modern Dining Room.

To enhance this dining room image, the modern dining design designers arched the frame above the window seat before the living area with a corniced, white paneling that matches the walls.

In fact, white is the primary backdrop throughout, from the bleached Spanish wood grain floor, to the chandelier strung ceiling. This modern dining area is punctuated by furniture in cool bolts of gray, black and chrome featuring rounded angles, such as the light gray circular carpet in front of the black leather sofa, as well as the marble-columned and chrome-legged modern dining tables.

An amazing Modern Dining Room …

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