When An Old School Building Turns Into a Luxury Restaurant

What if we told you that an old school building could be turned into a luxury restaurant? See for yourself this metamorphosis collaboration between Coordination Asia and Gaga restaurants and cafés, bringing interior design to another level.


When An Old School Building Turns Into a Luxury Restaurant


Located in a historic villa built in the 19th century in the heart of Shanghai, China, this new restaurant and café was once a Christian girl’s school.

The Coordination Asia team aspired to maintain the connection between the building’s historical connotations, and its present day function: as a place for dynamic consumers gather and exchange ideas and thoughts via art, design and color. All the while positioning Gaga Changning Villa‘s passion for first-rate dining and coffee culture front and center.


A particular priority was to create a layout and flow that provides a diversity of guest requirements. Unusually, the café has three separate entrances, with the third accessed via an exterior arcade complete with alluring patio tables. No matter which they use, guests are directed to a central counter. By preference, customers can order refreshments direct to their table via WeChat.

These diverse elements come together to transmit the sophistication and culture that matches Gaga Changning Villa.



Going all matchy matchy, the dark blue walls coordinated with the dark blue banquette seating create a remarkable contrast with the white high ceiling and walls, turning the luxury restaurant main room into a dream.


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When An Old School Building Turns Into a Luxury Restaurant


In interior design, to use the contrast of black and white can be the safest way out. However it can also be the best way to decor a dining room. In the bar area the black accent walls match the black chairs, and dramatic lighting on the ceiling.


Source: Contemporist

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