10 Design Chairs For Your Modern Dining Room

Dear design lover, are you ready for 10 Design Chairs For Your Modern Dining Room? Dining tables are important, they are the center of the dining room, but some modern dining chairs will light up your dining room area.

First, the Nº11 Dining Chair was handsomely crafted from solid brass, the Nº11 combines an avant-garde approach with classic lines.

10 Design Chairs For Your Modern Dining Room

The Emporium chair has sense of fun and frivolity pervades in this chair, but this exclusive piece also manages to be sophisticated,  modern dining design thought-provoking and finely handcrafted.

The Emporium Fur Chair, a chair for a diva, with the pink fur, is a  interior design variant of the Emporium chair.

The Soleil chair is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke. A must for a modern dining design.

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The Anastasia dining chair adds a daringly stylish essence to modern dining room design. She surpasses the traditional elegance of a fully upholstered dining chair with the modern allure created by the luxurious curves and bold lines KOKET is famous for.

The Enchanted dining chair. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder. Upholstered in lux velvet, complimenting a cast brass oxidized gold plated frame.


The Chandra dining chair is both bold and daring. The modern edge in this dining chair exudes the feeling of vintage glam.A great piece of a Modern Dining Room. While polished brass bands delicately bind the chair highlighting the sculpted fluidity of the tight back satin upholstery.

Guatemala was the stage of one of the most important discoveries in the twentieth century – the Naj Tunich. Inspired by it is NAJ Dining Chair, a modern dining room chair fully upholstered in cotton velvet with nickeled nails. This fabric chair is sure to make a statement.

Zulu is the largest ethnic group in South Africa and the one who inspired ZULU Dining Chair. Fully upholstered in cotton velvet, this button tufted dining chair is full of personality, making it an unforgettable chair design whether the modern dining room decor it is placed in.

Nuka is a glacier in Alaska known for its sublime beauty. NUKA Dining Chair came to life inspired by this magnificent natural monument. Upholstered in velvet and legs in glossy gold leaf, this dining room chair with a curved back will be perfect together with any modern dining tables.

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