Discover “Unhomely” Furniture Collection By Chris Schanck

Designer Chris Schanck’s “Unhomely” furniture collection exhibition at Friedman Benda is the pinnacle of his years spent working on his special process of layering confectionery foil over furniture: the ‘Alufoil’ technique.

You might want to take a look at such sensational exclusive design!



His incredible pieces are designed in wood and industrial foam, something that you don’t see everyday. But to make it way more captivating, after that he coats the exclusive furniture in resin, so they become ready to receive the final layer of confectionary foil. This process took years to perfect and it’s quite time consuming, however that is the distinctive technique that conceives such unique pieces.


First developed while he was studying at Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Michigan, Chris Schanck tried to expand this technique at distinguished fashion houses such as Dior and Tom Ford.


Discover “Unhomely” Furniture Collection By Chris Schanck


In between sculpture and furniture, Schanck’s daring creations mix peculiar forms with elaborately crafted symbolism. This collection is inspired and influenced by a wide range of styles from Brutalist and Art Deco architecture to ancient Egyptian, Anatolian and Aztec iconography.


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Discover “Unhomely” Furniture Collection By Chris Schanck


For bold and fearless souls, there’s nothing that adds more dynamic to a simple room than one of his table creations. From desks to dining tables, from metals to solid colors, it is certain that one or two will catch your attention. A revolution in any dining room interior design, for sure!



About the furniture collection, Chris Schanck says: 

“Each piece is first conceived as a sculpture, then I work out how it can be engaged as a design object.”


Source: Ignant 

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