5 Spring Trends For Your Dining Room Decor

For those that dream all year about the warm season: it seems like Spring it’s finally here to stay. After Spring clean there is always room for some innovation: what if you could try out the new spring trends? We show you a sneak peek to inspire your dining room decor.


1. Pastel Dreams

Spring Fever is real and when we talk about it this year, we talk about colorful schemes.

Pastel Colors are no longer reserved for children rooms or toys: nowadays there is no limit in interior design for these colors. Making a comeback, they add a retro appeal to any dining room.

You can use their full potential in walls or furniture pieces or in small details, bringing a statement to your room.

5 Spring Trends For Your Dining Room Decor

Mixed with neutral colors, they lend a relaxed feel to the room, throwing away the old-fashioned idea that these are only for the young or for those with a feminine style.

You should keep in mind that pastel colors help to create depth when combining with bolder patterns and colors.

5 Spring Trends For Your Dining Room Decor


2. Wood Accents

Since we can remember, wood never went out of style, but now it’s stronger than ever!

Wood furniture it’s the best way to go for those who appreciate simplicity in their dining room decor. But if you really are a huge fan of wood and you don’t mind going for a bold look, there is no better thing as a wood ceiling or wall, they make the whole room stylish without effort.



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3. Mother Nature’s Touch

It is scientifically proven that plants bring a lot of health benefits, so why not having them as a decor statement in your dining room?

A must-have in any dining table, the simple idea of a plant in the room can transform it completely. It appears that the more the better, so don’t you dare to forget your ceilings or your walls: use them in pattern textiles or furniture and use them real, just don’t forget to use them freely.


5 Spring Trends For Your Dining Room Decor


4. Big Statement Mirror

A mirror is something that will make you feel like your dining room is complete. Imagine a big one: a great way to open up a space, while being a huge statement that brings the dining room decor together.

Not only can mirrors be fun to decorate with, with a little creativity they can easily steal the show of your home. Even in the most traditional dining room, there’s always a chance to be a bit creative with your mirror.



5. White Lighting

White is the perfect color for Spring. White lamps are the perfect decor piece: with their elegance, they can soften any dining room.

They are truly the best deal because of their ability to be mixed with any texture and material, any pattern or color. But don’t get us wrong: it won’t get unnoticed, for sure.


5 Spring Trends For Your Dining Room Decor


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