The Finest Dining Tables for This Summer

Find out The Finest Dining Tables for This Summer. Let´s prepare our interior design for this hot summer with some outstanding ideas from Boca do Lobo for your dining room.

The Finest Dining Tables for This Summer

As this hot summer is arriving the symbol for the hotness and summer is the sun, and well represented is with the Stonhenge dining tables design. The newest design in dining tables.

The Stonhenge dining table finds inspiration in the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, positioned asymmetrically and composed by a striking finishes and materials Brass and Marble.

Beautiful dining tables for a summer room decor.

Another great dining room design is the Bonsai dining table , with a naturalistic look, the Bonsai dining table made from wood with a irregular surface and faceted form, totally manually produced.

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The name Bonsai comes from the Bonsai, the japanese word, the art describes of pun sai, that means using special tecniques to grow dwarf trees in containers.

How doesn’t want to have a tiny tree at home? If you do… the Bonsai dining tables from Boca do Lobo are the one for you.

Or even the Patch dining table with a top made through marquetry in ebony leaf. Its base is made from wood, lined with golden leaf. Finished with high gloss varnish.

A beautiful room design for a summer dining room, with a vintage look, the patch table is Art Deco material.

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