The Jaw-Dropping Furniture Design of Gregory Emvy

Gregory Emvy, a russian artist, is known for his divergent thinking. You might want to take a look at his peculiar furniture design: a fine line between nature and art.



Gregory started on the path of pursuing a career in art in his early childhood, ending up in art school. At the age of twenty-four he decided to dedicate himself to painting full-time. Currently, he works and lives in London and Moscow.

Gregory Emvy is part of a new wave of artists emerging from Russia, who step away from politics and the past, representing the new generation of avant-garde.


The Jaw-Dropping Furniture Design of Gregory Emvy


While trying out between painting and sculpture, he works within a wide-ranging palette of marble, concrete, copper and wood, neatly merged together.

It’s hard to say if his luxury furniture is a work of abstraction or figuration. The general idea is to display a series of contrasting colors and feelings like: harsh vs soft or warm vs cold.

“The intention behind my furniture creations is to show what happens when architecture and nature cross paths. That’s why you can see the prevalence of geometry in some pieces and weaving floral patterns in others.”

Breaking all the rules of furniture design, Emvy has created a visionary furniture collection by combining disconsonant elements, shifting transparencies and contrasting shapes.


The Jaw-Dropping Furniture Design of Gregory Emvy


Emvy’s furniture design blurs the line between the natural and the artificial.

“Through these works I am attempting to interpret the many notions of Confluence. It’s not limited to combining different materials, forms and techniques. Perhaps, someone will recognize traces of Soviet modernism, while others will see rivers and waterfalls. There is something for everyone to see and relate to.” he said in a interview to Yatzer.


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His experience of living and working in Mexico has reshaped his artistic vision to a great matter, inspiring him to create this jaw-dropping collection, a great statement complement to a contemporary decor.

He never has a fixed idea, it may drift from paintings to furniture, to ceramics, etc. but the message will remain the same regardless. He never wanted to turn his art works into merchandise, that’s why this is only a limited edition.


The Jaw-Dropping Furniture Design of Gregory Emvy

The Jaw-Dropping Furniture Design of Gregory Emvy

Source: Yatzer

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