Big Wine Freaks: the New Champagne & Wine Bar by Real Authentic Wine

Did you already knew the Big Wine Freaks Moscow? That’s the new champagne & wine bar by Real Authentic Wine. This bar really has a very exclusive design in the dining area. You can take some decoration ideas and design ideas on these champagne bar.

Big Wine Freaks is a new champagne & wine bar by Real Authentic Wine, Russian purveyor of organic, biodynamic and natural wines..

The bar is an abode of bohemian elegance that contrasts an urban vibe with a vintage, plush refinement to elicit the 90s.

Stepping into Big Wine Freaks you are engulfed in an energizing mélange of contrasting textures.

The beautiful flowered rugs on the wall are made by luxury brands and are to refer to the Russian decor.

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Timber slatted ceilings of unvarnished wood, metallic ceiling ducts, exposed brick walls and blue stucco panels provide a stark and sombre background for the more sumptuous, rich textures and exuberant colours of the velvet-clad chairs and the elongated corner sofa.

Real Wine Salon is a wine showroom that also functions as a private events space, perfectly complementing the bar area next door.

The wine list is one of the biggest in Moscow offering a variety of organic, biodynamic and natural wines as well as craft champagnes and a wide selection of fine wines from Europe and America.

Accompanied by a gastronomic menu of Russian and oriental delicacies served in porcelain dinnerware by Italian manufacturer Richard Ginori, and live DJ sets that encompass beats from electronica, downtempo and chill-trap to hip-hop, funk and oriental.

Big Wine Freaks

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