Sushi Bar: Modern Dining Tables In Rio De Janeiro

Check out this new Sushi Bar and his new Modern dining tables in Rio de Janeiro.

The brazilian architect Thiago Bernardes and his firm, Bernardes Arquitetura, pull off a new sushi bar caleed – “Gurumê” with a sophistication that toys around with the norm of similar modern dining area.

Sushi Bar: Modern dining tables in Rio de Janeiro

The result is an attractive interior design that homages the traditional Japanese culture surrounding sushi cuisine, but with the flashy establishment in the clubby dance culture of Rio de Janeiro.

While sophistication is inherent to the name Gurumê, which means “Gourmet Japanese,”  the food is in this case a secondary feature of the primacy of Bernardes’  modern dining design.

Claiming to use a sea blue palette for the walls, that is intended to mirror the oceanic colors of Rio and specifically the appropriation of the watery appeal into the luxury of swimming pools, the palette also tips its hat to the seafood items on the menu, as well as to the maritime culture of Japan more generally, and its cuisine in particular.

The view from the tunnel modern dining room hints at two other sections of the restaurant, the outside and the sushi bar.

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The dining room area is the most inviting section.

There, diners will find a corrugated white glossy sushi bar that is a more fluid version of the starkly stepped bars usually found in sushi restaurants.

It’s made from the same material as the modern dining tables, which creates a harmony seen elsewhere in the form of the wall-booth effect of the tunneled dining area.

The centerpiece of the dining room  is a zigzagging wooden  dining tables bound on each side with chairs, perfect for either large parties, or as extra seating for a bunch of individual couples, or threesomes or foursomes with these Modern dining tables.

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