10 Trendy Industrial Style Dining Rooms

Do you love industrial style decor? Are you thinking about making a fresh and modern change to your dining room? Then this guide is for you! Today we present to you 10 examples of industrial dining rooms for your décor inspiration. Or, if you’re already lucky enough to have the industrial dining room of your dreams, you just might find a few fresh ideas to complete the look.

10 trendy industrial style dining rooms

First tip: plants are always an easy way to add color. Paired with wood, they can make any interior style feel fresh and natural. Complete the look with some dark metal chairs to give the industrial but fluid look and voilà, an industrial dining area design!

10 trendy industrial style dining rooms

Here’s a handsome dining room that plays off the exposed brick already present. Metal and colorful dining chairs add a bit of color to your dining area and a going on industrial style flux while the wooden modern dining tables feels very natural and easily adaptable to other themes.

10 trendy industrial style dining rooms

This dining room goes eclectic with its industrial decor by mixing and matching red and white metal dining chairs. The wood and concrete pendant lights are a great streamlined alternative to the bulkier models that are popular in industrial-inspired spaces.

10 trendy industrial style dining rooms

Here’s another interior with a cohesive color palette shaken up by a vivid accent. While most of the chairs blend into the environment with a black and wood finish, a single bright yellow chair stands out as a focal point to the room design.

10 trendy industrial style dining rooms

While it’s possible to find similar red metal chairs on the market, it’s even easier to decorate your own at home with a can of durable spray paint. That way you can choose the shades you want to complete an industrial but contemporary dining room design.

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While the rest of the room seems simple, fresh, and modern, the dining arrangement itself stands out with strong industrial influence. The unique pendant chandelier and the mixture of chairs matches the eclectic nature of the open shelving.

Eclectic tiles aren’t a common staple of industrial decor, but they play a crucial role making this space look playful and bright.

These translucent chairs stand in contrast to the aesthetic the rest of the dining room carries.

This incredibly unique industrial table is available ready-to-stain to match your dining design. The woven side chair to the left is more widely available – it’s a design by Eric Trine.

With relevant artwork and accessories that allude to fashion, this dining room is perfect for the devoted Francophile.

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