Casaplata-Spain, Minimalistic Design by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

Casaplata is a new restaurant and cocktail bar with a fresh look but chique atmosphere and a minimalistic design in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. It is located in a residential area with shops that is close to La Encarnacion Square and it brings out the best of the loft style. Feel free and inspired to remodel your dining room by this brilliant and exclusive design by Lucas Y Hérnandez-Gil.

Casaplata-Spain, minimalistic design by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

Most renovations in the area tend to portray the tradition and the past, being classy and sophisticated in an old-fashioned way. However, Madrid-based designer Lucas Y Hérnandez-Gil aimed for a fresh futuristic look avoiding nostalgia and maybe aiming at a different sort of audience, younger but still of high patterns.

Casaplata-Spain, minimalistic design by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

The vision of the design team, enthusiastically approved by the young restaurateurs, includes brutalist grey concrete, exposed pipes and metal, but all accented with a soft, almost feminine pastel colour palette and rounded forms completing this dining design.

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Casaplata-Spain, minimalistic design by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

As a result, the consumer will be eating out surrounded by a chic, minimalist and soothing atmosphere in the dining area with the designer’s signature of a monotone shade, soft hues and rounded shapes as accents.

Casaplata-Spain, minimalistic design by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

The designers say that they referenced the ‘poetic vision of everyday objects’ as expressed by the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi whose still lifes often featured granular, uneven grey backgrounds with everyday items, such as bottles, vases, pitchers and jars in muted, pastel tones.

Lucas y Hernández- Gil completed not just the architecture and the interior design of the 100 square-metre space that housed a café before but also designed the furniture and graphic design, from the modern dining tables and chairs to the industrial styled bar.

Casaplata has capacity for 70 people seated and it includes a false ceiling of silvery metal slats that absorbs noise and reflects light.

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