The Dining Area Décor of Papillon – A Parisian Bistro In Athens

Located in the north of Athen, Papillon is the name of a dining area and bar that is inspired by the French culture and style.

The architecture studio responsible for this exclusive design and dining experience is Minas Kosmidis. In fact, The style of this dining area design embodies the European and the American concept of bistros. 

In front of the main entrance door, you are welcome by the bar, all made in wood, including the floor you walk in for a stunning dining area design

Once you see the surrounding and the atmosphere of the room design, you are instantly seduced by the exclusive design it showcases. 

The wallpaper is all painted of flowers, which when merging with the wood reveals a french, refined style. 

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The owner of the dining area design is French, the food is French, and the ambiance makes you want to go to France!

Round, small and elegant chairs along with delicate and modern dining tables which offers a French ambiance of the fanciest bistros in Paris. 

Luxury brands get inspired by trends in dining design around the world, including these fascinating dining area, to offer the best interior design possible. 

Other tables have marble on the top, for a variety of fabrics and styles, all inspired by Bistros, and take you to Paris. 

dining area  Last, An Armchair, delicately designed and put in an area to eye-catching and remarkable for everyone. 

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