10 Dining Room Ideas By Achille Salvagni

Recognised as one of the most creative and artistic interior design furniture, Achille Salvagni, Italian Architecture has a range collection of home designed furniture for diverse categories.

Made of bronze, this dining area design below is extremely luxurious and speaks to the willingness of top interior designers to prove themselves by being constantly innovative.

Achille Salvagni

Another modern dining table in a very luxurious dining area by Achille Salvagni for a modern, sophisticated and elegant dining area design 

Achille Salvagni Wooden dining design by Achille Salvagni is a classy and sophisticated room design. Using blue as the main color of chairs, this dining room below is a timeless masterpiece to decorate your dining area design.

Achille Salvagni

Known for its ingenious and original design, this dining room below is made of high-quality fabrics, contemporary decor and original chairs for an outstanding, exclusive design. 

Achille Salvagni

For a classy ambiance, this marble dining area by Achille Salvagni is part of its projects of interior design and reveals the elegance communicated through the exclusive design of this top interior designers.

Achille Salvagni

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Blue, round and wooden dining table for a chic and stylish attitude to your room design. Luxury brands specialized in the dining are designed to tend to get inspired by latest trends to offer a highly sophisticated dining design.

Bringing together Italian craftsmanship and passion for luxurious materials, Achille Salvagni has designed this fancy dining area, refined style and attitude for a contemporary home.

Another similar attitude is this dining design, using wood and creative shape through the legs of the modern dining table displays an exclusive design for your fancy home.

Achille Salvagni is also one of the influencers in the design industry for its sophisticated and inventive style. This living room design is made by Achille Salvagni, meticulously finished with the most refined home design furniture.

Last but not least, Achille Salvagni is also known for designing exclusive design for Yachts. One of his dining area design for Yachts is this classy dining design below made of white, and grey.

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