10 Most-Wanted Square Dining Tables

The use of square dining tables is not as common as circular or rectangular tables. However, square ones are actually pretty beautiful and capable of accommodating more people depending on their sizes. Having a square dining table is a clever way to save dining room space as well as it can be a good option for the room design.

We have selected 10 square dining tables that everyone is talking about. From the top up to the legs, which can be very different from each other, the designs below will certainly leave you willing to have one.



Square shape tables can simply be placed in a corner and it can look and fit good, compared to using round dining tables which occupies more area and can’t surely be placed in a corner. That might be the real and more valid reason why people favor square tables compared to round ones.


square shape


Small square dining tables are perfect for maximizing space in smaller rooms while larger glass tables make for a stunning centerpiece in any dining room and have the perfect shape to allow large numbers of guests to join in the same conversation.


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Just like round dining tables, the bigger a square dining table is, the harder it will be to reach for food. You might be better off with a square dining table that comes with leaves that you can turn into a rectangular shape for a dinner party.


10 Most-Wanted Square Dining Tables 10 Most-Wanted Square Dining Tables


Square oak modern dining tables range in different colors, sizes and are from awesome manufacturers and designers.


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