Discover the Striking Dining Room Design Project by Nadya Zotova

Nadya Zotova is an expert in decorating and one of the best in mixing space colors. Her excellent taste, combining its interiors different stylistic directions and historical periods lead her to write in various Russian design magazines and blogs about interior design and decor. The popular author has a recent dining room design in Moscow and we are showing you all about it.

Dining Room Design

Nadya and her team from “Enjoy Home”, an architectural and interior design studio based in Moscow and one of the most recognizable in the Russian market, have created one of the most romantic and cozy dining are design projects.

dining room design

The interior designer demonstrated a careful choice of colors, taking into consideration how well they would contrast together. The result was warm ochre, mustard, and terracotta shades applied as principal colors next to cool tones of grey, olive and blue.

dining area design

In order to fulfill the perfect dining room design, Nadya went with a combination of different styles. A more rustic dining table matched with modern elements, such as the mustard sofa and the satin dinnerware, and the mid-century dining chairs.

The interior designer and her team were able to create a winter cozy feeling in a timeless and chic way, perfect for Moscow seasons.

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Besides the dining area design, Nadya Zotova also created an equally stunning Kitchen setting. Forming a sense of continuity, the designer chose to use an olive-grey tone on the counters and cabinets.

More dining room design by Nadya Zotova

dining room design

Nadya Zotova and Enjoy Home team

Nadya finished the British Higher School of Design with an internship at Sotheby’s School in New York. She is the founder of Enjoy Home, a team of 12 young design enthusiasts who chose to work with different directions and find original and beautiful solutions.

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